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     It requires me to write more than several sentences to express my feelings about your book Deliver Us from Darkness.
    I have to say it is of lots of amazement to read the book. I found it easy to read, though it narrated many not-so-familiar things in an alien language. Because you demonstrated everything vivid, I can get a very clear picture of who the people are and how they feel. It is like a manual of 'How to get to the feet of GOD and get loved,' dismissing doubts like, 'He will not accept me, for I am such an evil person.'
    I had the chance to get to hear about Jesus when I was a university student. I went to Christians’ gatherings, attended serial lectures addressed by missionaries from the Netherlands and had friends who believe in GOD. Yet this is the first time I get a clear and real picture about how HE exerts his power.
    I can understand the joy of being accepted, loved and protected. I suppose that’s every ordinary human being looking for in their whole life since we all share the similar 'struggling' despite of our nationality, color and culture.

Haibo - Communist China

I just wanted to say something. I bought a kindle the other day with the specific purpose of buying and reading [Deliver Us from Darkness]. I'm about halfway through it at the moment. I've already cried a few times and also identified with Brent's initial trouble. Thank you for writing this book. I have been reminded that I have to take an active stand against the attacks of the enemy, no matter the form of attack. I've also been reminded how much God cares and how much He speaks if I have ears to hear. Thanks again!

Sarah - Vermont

"I read this book called Deliver Us from Darkness. It is very well written and I believe it helped me figure out how to have a true relationship with God and to be able to see the differences in light & dark."

M. - 20 years old

I will admit after reading this I do pray a lot more. I used to pray a lot. Now I am in constant communication just like the Bible says we need to be.




God sent this book into my life and into my heart just when I needed it most. At times in our lives of the greatest spiritual warfare, that is just when God protects us the most. I am convinced that this book will be a heartfelt inspiration to all that read it and was divinely inspired to have an impact on our lives.

Tracie - Ohio



“Oh Franklin, I love you. You could not have known it, but you wrote that book  for me. God has used you to do more in my life today than 3 therapists, dozens of books, and five years have accomplished. Thank you so much. God bless you. Just know, even if no one else ever [reads Deliver Us from Darkness], that it has changed me forever.”

Chelsea – West Virginia

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