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Learn How to Write Stories...

Do you have a story bubbling up in your heart and mind? Is writing a pursuit that you wish you were capable of accomplishing? If so, congratulations on finding this page!

If you or someone you know is between the ages of 14 & 18, I am offering classes on how to write a novel at! Take a look at the listings below to see if you would enjoy learning the process of writing your first story (your first novel?)!

So You Want to Write a Novel! (6 classes over 6 weeks, ages 14-18)

A Single-Day, Novel-Writing Class! (1 class, ages 13-18)

Learn How to Speak and Write English...

If you know of a child, between 4 & 15 years old, who is a non-English speaker, this 1-on-1 class that I teach at may be exactly what's needed to make English fun to learn! I have taught more than 6,400 classes to over 500 different students! All of the building blocks to learning English are here, from the ABCs all the way to reading and speaking the language fluently. And it's FUN!

Information on Becoming a Student!

BECOME a VIPKid Teacher Yourself!

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